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The Nature Conservancy
— California

Nature and People Thrive Together

Let's build a world where human ingenuity is aligned to support nature to do what it does best - sustaining all life on Earth.


Our Approach

We test real-world solutions, prove what works, and adapt it to drive change here and around the world.
The challenge of our time is to build a world where people and nature thrive together.

We pilot new ideas and ways to solve problems so that human progress isn't at odds with nature's needs. 

Technology interventions, unconventional markets, science that drives action, and unexpected alliances can create solutions that benefit nature and the human experience.

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The Campaign

The challenge of our time is to build a world where nature and people thrive together. Human ingenuity is how we get there.

"This Is Our Future" is a multi-year campaign that taps the best and the brightest to create the world we want through impact challenges.

Together our bold ideas and actions will create the change we and our future generations will depend on. And there's no better place to start than our oceans.

The first challenge:

Transforming the Last Tuna Stronghold

If we can see it, we can save it. A high-tech reboot has the power to stop unsustainable tuna fishing--and preserve the Pacific for future generations.

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Editorial story

View our interactive story

Read about the problems on longline tuna fishing boats and how we’re bringing deep learning to the deep seas.





Virtual reality experience

Step into the issues from all angles

Get a first-hand, 360-degree look into how you can make tuna fishing sustainable in this VR experience available on Oculus, Gear, and Viveport.



Hear from our leaders, staff, partners, and other influencers about building a world where nature and people thrive together in new and unexpected ways.

Audio Interview


Chief Technology Officer at the Nature Conservancy of California



Learn more about our projects and how we’re building a world where people and nature thrive together through innovative ideas and real-world solutions that can be adapted to drive change here and around the world.

Featured projects

A Direct Investment in the Future of California

In the face of a changing climate, Prop 68 will address some of California’s most pressing water, park and natural resource needs.

Saving the last perfect place in California

A living laboratory for scientists and conservationists. A muse for everyone that comes upon it.

Endangered Island Foxes Break Record for Fast Recovery

Thanks to scientific strategy, the world’s smallest fox has rebounded from sure extinction in just a decade.

Growing Pains

As cannabis cultivation reaches new highs, The Nature Conservancy is acting to protect the state’s natural resources.

Congress, fix the funding problem to fight wildfire

As the population grows and climate changes, funding doesn’t keep pace

Migration Moneyball

Data science and innovative economics are helping The Nature Conservancy build a brighter future for migratory birds.

The Next Gold Rush

California is fueling a clean energy future—while preserving one of the world’s most iconic desert landscapes.


The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization building a world where people and nature thrive together in California and around the world. For more information about our global work, visit nature.org.