Water Map

Learn more about the Conservancy's work to protect drinking water sources in CA and around the world.

How to Explore Your Watershed

1. INFO: Click on the purple info dots to learn more about the watersheds that supply your water.

2. PAN AND ZOOM: Click and hold your mouse on the map to move it around. Double click on the map to zoom.

3. LAYERS: Click on “Layers” in menu above map and check “Rivers” to see those in your watershed(s). Check additional boxes to see the boundaries of the protected areas and land uses and vegetation types.

4. IMAGERY: Click on “Basemaps” in menu and check “Imagery with Labels.” Double click on a watershed to zoom until you can see the individual trees helping filter your water. 

5. READ THE FULL REPORT: Read the Conservancy’s full report, Where Does Your Water Come From?Where Does Your Water Come From?

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