Fish-eye View

Catch a Snapshot of California Salmon This Fall

Tune into our new salmon cam and look for fall Chinook salmon making their journey upstream to Shasta Big Springs Ranch, our picturesque working ranch at the foot of Mt. Shasta. Catch a rare glimpse of female salmon guarding and building nests in a restored stream, and see males competing with each other for spawning opportunities. You might even see an otter swim by.

Salmon Snapshots

Salmon have been in decline for decades, and the situation is particularly drastic in California with seven of the 10 coastal California salmon and steelhead species federally threatened or endangered.

While you won’t be able to tell from the cam if this has been a good or bad year for returning salmon, we can! The Conservancy completed the first-ever analysis detailing the state of California salmon, including how many salmon are actually in all of our coastal watersheds and what recovery efforts are under way. These Salmon Snapshots provide the most comprehensive salmon information in California, and they will help guide statewide salmon recovery in the places where we can have the greatest impact.

Bringing Salmon Back

Since 2000 a total of 1,200 salmon restoration projects have been completed, but there is much more to be done if recovery within our lifetime is to become a reality.

One of those projects is at The Nature Conservancy’s Shasta Big Springs Ranch. The Conservancy is working with ranchers to create sustainable practices that improve water quality for salmon. By keeping cattle out of streams and changing the way irrigation water is managed, we have been able to decrease water temperatures - a critical component of salmon habitat. We are currently working with local ranchers and agencies as part of a valleywide effort to improve conditions for salmon.

Learn more about our conservation work with salmon.

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