Grazing Patagonia for High-quality Wool

Patagonia: The Brand and the Land Sync Up for People and Nature

The Nature Conservancy is collaborating with California-based outdoor clothing company Patagonia, Inc. and ranching network Ovis XXI to restore grasslands in Latin America and bring a new line of 100 percent sustainable, high-quality merino wool products to U.S. consumers. It’s the first time Patagonia, Inc. is sourcing wool from their namesake region; the products will be available this fall.

Reversing 100 Years of Overgrazing in Iconic Patagonia

The Patagonia grasslands in Argentina span 400 million acres (three times the size of California), and unsustainable grazing has already turned 20 million of those acres (10 Yellowstone National Parks) into desert-like lands, useless for supporting ranching or many species of native wildlife.

Partnering for Sustainability

Sheep herding is the region’s principal economic activity and the area’s biggest threat to the land due to overgrazing and subsequent land erosion and desertification. Now, the Conservancy, Patagonia, Inc. and Ovis XXI are coming together to implement a new sustainable-grazing protocol to help keep the tradition alive and thriving.

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