cam[ping Summer camping in California. Photo © abmatic/Flickr via Creative Commons

Ready, Get Set, Camp!

Unofficial start of summer means official start of camping season.

Break Out the Camping Gear...

...and get ready for an unforgettable summer camping adventure! With Memorial Day behind us, the unofficial start of summer and the camping season is upon us. I’ve shared my top five camping spots for backcountry seekers and family explorers. Here’s a recap of my two favorite adventure and family camping sites you won’t want to miss this summer season! 

Top Two Backcountry Camping Sites

For those seeking quiet hours on the trail, a starry sky at night and falling asleep to the sounds of Mother Nature, be sure to check out Santa Cruz Island, where you can find solitude on one of California’s last pristine beaches. Or, wake up to the roar of the Pacific Ocean at Gold Bluffs Beach, where you can stake your tent on prime beachfront real estate…for a fraction of the cost!

Top Two Family Camping Sites

Make a splash at an off-the-beaten-path swimming hole at Plumas Eureka State Park, or take your family to scope out the oldest living tree at the ancient Bristlecone pine forest, just steps from your campsite at Grandview Campground.

Get up to speed on the rest of my backcountry or family camping series.

Happy camping!

Written by Conservancy Intern Elise Schultheis, who has grown up in our national parks…literally! With park rangers as parents, Elise has seen the ins and outs of California’s backcountry beauty. 

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