Lisa H & daughter Lisa Hulette and her daughter on Muir Beach. Photo © Lisa Hulette/TNC

Learning to Give Back

How one family supports nature during the holidays.

Meet the Mother-Daughter Duo Helping Nature and Themselves

The holiday season is in full swing, and for most people that means spending time with family and friends, being grateful for the past year. For Lisa Hulette, senior project director of California’s salmon program for The Nature Conservancy, it means giving back to her community with her daughter, Madison. Each year, Lisa and Madison participate in the Audubon Christmas bird count and help plant trees with a local watershed group.

For Lisa, these opportunities are a perfect way to instill in her daughter the values of volunteering and being part of a community, especially during the holidays.

“You'd think kids would complain about spending their holidays doing work, but I can see her eyes light up when she spots a new bird to add to her list or is helping to create habitat for animals and fish,” says Hulette when speaking of her daughter’s commitment to giving back.

By participating in these activities, Lisa and Madison join the larger community of people who care about the Earth—and they get to be citizen scientists in the process. Plus, they’re helping to build the next generation of conservationists who realize the value of nature, community and our planet.

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