Natures Plate Couple Restaurant Couple enjoys a meal at a sustainable restaurant. Photo © Phil Date

Top Green Restaurants

Foodies pick their fave spot for sustainable cuisine.

Top Green Restaurants in LA and SF Revealed

Congratulations to Andrei's Conscious Cuisine & Cocktails (Irvine, CA) and The Plant Café Organic (San Francisco, CA) for being named the 2013 Nature's Plate Award People’s Choice winners. Foodies in the greater Los Angeles area and Bay Area nominated and then voted for their favorite green restaurant in each city, and when the last votes were tallied Andrei’s and The Plant took home the top honors, proving that sustainable cuisine is a winning dish.

Go Behind the Plate

The Nature Conservancy created the Nature's Plate Awards to showcase the importance of sustainably sourced ingredients and the role consumers, chefs and food suppliers play in supporting food we can all feel good about. The Conservancy is working closely with many of the people who supply our food—farmers, ranchers, winemakers, and fishermen— proving you can produce high-quality food in environmentally friendly ways. Learn about our bird-friendly agriculture, sustainable fishing, grass-fed beef and boutique farming projects.

Cook Sustainably at Home

Looking for the perfect holiday dish that says “delicious and sustainable”? Check out The Nature Conservancy’s seasonal and sustainable recipe list from chefs, food producers and more. Whether you are planning a meal for two or a dozen ; shop your local farmer’s market to find local organic ingredients and get cooking. And don’t forget to tell us how your meal turned out in the comments section on each recipe page.

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